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Hats ON!

Lately, I’ve been obsessing over hats!! All starting in my recent search for accessories to use with my collection that was shot last Sunday. I found a couple of designers that I LOVE.

Albertus Swanepoel. A milliner that started out as a clothing designer, now based in NYC in the garment district, works with designers such as Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, Proenza Schoeler and Carolina Herrara. Hats,” states Albertus “are like sunglasses. They detract and attract attention at the same time.”

La Cerise Sur Le Chapeau: based in Paris, France where YOU are the designer. Located on the 6th arrondissement closed to Saint Germain des Prés, la Cerise sur le Chapeau (Cherry on the hat) makes hand-made hats for men and women. You can also go online at and custom design your on hat with a click of a couple of buttons! Very grandpa-ish and old school vintage with a modern twist.

Savannah Wyatt: Little did I know when I ripped the article out about Savannah Wyatt and her hats and headpieces from Indie Magazine months ago in hopes to somehow use them for my shoot, that she was actually a SCAD graduate a couple of years ago.  The hats are so intriguing, yet oddly different that you probably wouldn’t wear them on the streets, but the headpieces are wearable, for that daring lil fashionista. Unfortunately, her hats were out on a shoot and I wasn’t able to use them :(  I actually had a couple of her headpieces on set, but they never fit in to any of the shots. oh well.


beach balls and such….

Just got home from the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero show at Trustees Theatre. Never heard these guys, heard of them, but never listened to any of their music. Hmmm, I didnt come home and buy any on itunes or anything, but the show was entertaining and a little refreshing.   1o of them on stage at all times, they seem like one big happy hippie cult, always hugging and hanging out between songs. Between me having to dodge the constant beach balls bouncing around on heads like ping pong, and  feeling like an old maid amongst the youngsters, it was again.. entertaining. Lead guy, Alex, looks like he came straight from a pop up volkswagen in a parking lot at a Dead show or Phish. He seems very happy, and stress free.  I think I’d like to meet him!