Day 2. check.

Another super awesome Stopover night down…. Bring it, day 3!

Jukebox the Ghost at Ships of the Sea Museum.

Quilt at Loco’s

Hey look!!! Those Country Mice boys made it in a day early……straight from finishing recording their new album!! They are borderline locals now ;)

Caveman at Loco’s“He had me at….Schott”!  Our matching Schott Perfecto jackets.. his in horsehide (it weighs about 10llbs) and mine in lambskin.

It’s really fun to wear Schott!!!!Schott details…. :) Which I learned from Jimmy here who is also in Schott’s lookbook that the stars on the shoulder represent the stabilizing anchor things in the NYC scrapers. Turbo Fruits at the Jinx.. love them boots!

Caveman at Turbo Fruits.

After party madness in the Artist lounge…..


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