Guess everyone survived… well, barely.  I think I’m having an emotional and physical hangover from the festival. Sad it’s over, but physically not sure I could handle another day! WHEWW! What a 4 days of awesome music this year!! New friends were made and lots and lots of new music that are now being added to my playlists!! Thanks to all the awesome bands that traveled through our lil gem of a town and to all those Stopover folks for working their asses off to make this year pretty epic. TILL NEXT YEAR’…………..

Locals Each and Every Opus at Live Wire

Buxton at Blowing Smoke

PonderosaThe Hill and Wood at Social ClubSanders Bohlke @ the Telfair Museumand Chelsea CrowellCountry Mice at Ships of the SeaKurt rockin on his new retro drums for the first time. :) The War on DrugsZambri- cool band I hosted at my house. That’s how we Savannah folks roll, we make sure every band has a home to crash at. The Suzan at the Jinx-these girls rocked. The Love Language at the JinxYou know those Country Mice boys show up everywhere ;) The War on Drugs crew at the after party.




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