For years my husband has wanted to buy a nice bass boat. He loves to fish and has had a boat for awhile, but it isn’t a top of the line bass fishing boat. He has been looking around for the best ones that are available. We have finally got our cars paid off and can afford a payment on a brand new boat. We have looked at a few of them that are for sale at a marina near us, but want to do some more research before buying one. We have been looking at what people have said about certain models and brands and if they are really the best. If we are going to pay alot for a new boat, we both want to make sure it is worth what we are paying. Even if we have to pay a little extra for it, that is fine with us because we know it will be worth it. The one good thing about buying any boat is they hold their value if you want to resell them at any point. Once we do some more research we will be able to find the best bass fishing boat for us.