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7 ways

A fun video we shot for Salted & Styled.  Me styling my dear friend Blake Olmstead Mavrogeorgis of Dollhouse Productions in one of my BA leather tees…. 7 ways,  dancing to the Black Lips! :) We had fun!

Video: by Eliza Barrera for Barrera Productions  Location: Roundhouse Railroad Museum





free leather range

The good thing about being a stylist AND a designer, is you get free range to use your own designs for shoots you style. ;) Us gals over at Salted & Styled, all collaborated to produce this dreamy set for a 2 week stint on the blog featuring flowery recipes, art work, story telling, flower designs, photography and fashion!!  I recruited a couple of friends to do the modeling (thank you April Johnston and Christina Routhier) and Cassie White for Rise Model Management. And of course, the usual talented group/TEAM of lady friends that are regular contributors on the blog that created all of this on one sunny afternoon (no big deal)…… at the Savannah Roundhouse Railroad Museum.

Fashion Styling and Fashion Design by ME. 
Photography and Art Direction by Chia Chong
Photo Styling and Art Direction by Libbie Summers
Floral Design by Ashley Bailey
Original Artwork by Katherine Sandoz

All clothing: ME  All Jewelry:  ShopScad  Hair: Lindsey Nix  MUA: Jules for Dollface by Jules

20130501_ss_ediblefluer_1920130501_ss_ediblefluer_0420130501_ss_ediblefluer_0120130501_ss_ediblefluer_15 some behind the scenes shots I took:

photo-28photo-29photo-30photo-31 photo-32




southern soul.

An amazing little behind the scenes video of a shoot I “fashion styled”…with an amazing little team. (notice credits).

me and my girls (Angel Bond and April Johnston)  at The South Magazine release party of the new issue that the up above shoot is in….


double the pleasure

The two things I saw today that I, umm…. kinda liked and got excited over.

#1. my lil blog ‘here’ in the new South Magazine issue recognizing my style bass along with 3 other local blogs kickin’ some ass and taking names.  The release party was last night in Savannah, which I unfortunately missed b/c of my second leg here in Florida. The other 3 kickin’ ass and taking names blogs recognized are…. wwwwwwwwait for it…. SALTED AND STYLED (Libbie Summers and Chia Chong), you should know this one, right? the blog I fashion curate and write for that I think is way cooler than my own blog? I mention it on here a lot…yea, that one. Along with my talented dear artist friend,  Katherine Sandoz‘s Some Southern(ish) Gibby, that JUST so happens to be a part of the Salted & Styled team too! and the one and only Cedric Smith’s street style blog You’re Welcome Savannah who’s photography and eye for fashion makes my eye look blind. ;)

#2. looking up at my reflection on my porch and realizing how cool my view is! (wearing a Marc by Marc Jacobs swimsuit cover up, thank you Savannah for having and supporting this store)


seasoned & saucy

Ok, so I have mentioned the “other fabulous” food inspired blog Salted&Styled that I fashion curate for on my “not quite as fabulous” blog here :) OK kidding, I think my blog is kinda fabulous too.  Soooo, here we Salted & Styled gals/team are all together styled and seasoned for Savannah Magazine. Check this months issue out, where the team curated a 22 page spread for em…..similar to how we do it on the blog!

left to right ( the most fantastic and wittiest writer in the land, Andrea Goto, the super fly photographer Chia Chong, the artistically sharp and talented Katherine Sandoz, the best art curator and eye on the scene, Amy Zurcher, and ummmm… no introduction needed for THE Libbie Summers , and my favorite podcast curator, food and antique extraordinaire Brenda Anderson, and you know me over there on the end, as fish juice was drippin on to my legs).


Fashion styled by me, of course.

Set styling by Rebecca Gardner

Photo by Marcus Kenney